This Rookie Idol Is Sehun’s Biggest Fan, Their interaction at the MMAs will make you blush

The MelOn Music Awards bring all sorts of idols together who might otherwise not have the chance to meet, and when WANNA ONE’s Guanlin got to meet EXO’s Sehun, his reaction flustered the veteran idol.

When Guanlin got to sit near EXO during the 2017 MMAs, he could not hide the fact that he was so excited.

As Sehun walked back to his seat, however, that’s when their adorable interaction really began as Sehun shook Guanlin’s hand.

As Sehun sat down, he leaned over to Baekhyun, feeling a bit shy and flustered after meeting his biggest fanboy in person, while Lai Guanlin smiled proudly.

Fans knew about Lai Guanlin’s devoted love for Sehun and are genuinely happy for his proud achievement as a successful fanboy.

Indeed, Guanlin has never been able to hide the fact that he is the biggest fanboy for EXO’s Sehun everywhere he goes.

Source: @SALLY_0923

Despite having a very hectic schedule of his own, whenever Lai Guanlin can listen to Sehun’s acceptance speech, he listens.

With more year-end award shows set to take place in near future, Lai Guanlin’s fanboy adventure may very well continue.