Three “Idol School” Contestants Are Standing Out The Most For Their Talent

Although only two episodes of Mnet’s Idol School have aired so far, there are already several contestants who have proven to be top talents.

Although the vote rankings in survival shows sometimes don’t reflect the contestants’ respective skills, three aspiring idols in Idol School have proven themselves as some of the most talented young girls through the show’s various skills tests.

While there are many talented girls in Idol School, here are three who have gone above and beyond to showcase their skills so far.

3. Song Hayoung

Although she made her first impression as a baby-faced idol, she made her talents known right away by blowing away the competition in the preliminary skills test.

After the first skills test, it was clear that Song Hayoung was not just another pretty face. She cemented her status as a top talent in episode two by winning a spot as one of the two stars of the group’s music video dance break.

Skills Test – 4th Place

Vocals – 8.6
Dance – 5.9
Health – 9.8

Overall – 8.1

Because of the combination of her excellent visuals and talent, Song Hayoung has earned the top spot in Idol School as of week two, earning the most votes on the show and unseating Produce 101 contestant Lee Haein as the current most popular member on the show.

2. Tasha

Although Tasha’s skills aren’t necessarily reflected in the rankings, she’s been secretly dominating the show’s tests. Originally from Singapore, Tasha has shown that she’s fluent in Korean, English, and Chinese.

In addition to being multilingual, Tasha breezed through the show’s first skills test. Based on talent, Tasha could just be the show’s dark horse candidate.

Skills Test – 2nd Place

Vocals – 8
Dance – 9.5
Health – 8

Overall – 8.5

Easily one of the top dancers on the show, Tasha has also shown great leadership in kindness, especially during her interactions with fellow contestant Snowbaby.

She may have started off at the bottom of the vote rankings, but by the second episode, Tasha was the most improved in terms of votes.

1. Natty

Since the first time she appeared on screen, Natty has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps one of the most well-known members on Idol School, Natty immediately proved that she wasn’t all just hype.

Natty is essentially in her own class in terms of talent. While she definitely lacked refinement during her time on JYP Entertainment‘s survival show SIXTEEN, Natty might just be the most complete package right now on the show.

Skills Test – 1st Place

Vocals – 9.8
Dance – 8
Health – 8.1

Overall – 8.63

In addition to winning the other spot in the dance break challenge, Natty has proven herself to be a leader to the other girls and has even caused her teachers to fangirl over her.

Although she unexpectedly dropped down to fifth place in votes during episode 2, it’s clear that Natty has the talents and charms to stay a frontrunner throughout the show.