Netizens Rediscovered Debut Photos Of This Idol And Can’t Believe He’s The Same Person

“Hul! His image looks totally different depending on his hair!”

Fans love it when idols change up their appearance. Oftentimes it will show off a completely new side of their bias but everyone once in a while a simple change of hair color or haircut results in such a different look that netizens can’t believe it was the same person!


Lately, photos have been circulating around on Korean web portal Instiz of one particular idol whose current hair is causing quite a stir among netizens, SF9‘s Hwiyoung!


For a while now, Hwiyoung has been growing out his hair resulting in glorious longer chestnut-colored locks. Fans have fallen in love with the particular look and believe it fits his rapper position very well.


The look certainly suits him and would make anyone and everyone’s heart flutter. And of course, it has made hearts skip a beat or two!


But Hwiyoung didn’t always have his now iconic long hair!


Netizens have recently rediscovered some of his photos from when he first debuted with SF9 and can hardly believe their eyes.



When SF9 first debuted, Hwiyoung sported a classic cut. Sometimes you’d get a peak of his forehead and other times you’d be greeted with bangs.



His cut went through a couple of different color changes as well.


While many netizens agree that he looked flawless with both looks, they just can’t get over how different he looks!


Many netizens have expressed their shock over the complete 180 in style while pointing out what a different vibe he gives off between the two hairdos.


Some netizens were so surprised by the change they even believed he was a different person at first!


While every style has looked fantastic on Hwiyoung, it certainly is amazing to see just how much his visuals changed with his hairstyle!