This Idol Is Doing Something No Other Male Idol Has: YouTube Makeup Tutorials For Men

And he’s got some amazing skills!

Over the past couple of years, more and more idols have been creating their own content on YouTube and sharing parts of their lives with fans on the platform. Each of these accounts is unique and fun in its own way, but not too long ago a new channel was created with something that has never been done before!


MASC‘s Moonbong started a channel, Moonbong, featuring makeup tutorials making him the only male idol to do so!


While his channel has other videos like vlogs, the main focus is actually on his tutorials where he will show you some idol makeup tips…


Or transform himself into another idol!


He even has a full makeup tutorial of BLACKPINK Jennie‘s look from “DDU-DU DDU-DU”!


Moonbong’s channel may be relatively new but he’s got some serious skills and netizens are starting to notice!


Fans have also been praising him for stepping outside the box and doing something so unique. They are absolutely loving it!


His skills were already good to begin with but with each new video, his makeup talents just keep getting better and better.


Pretty soon we might all be following Moonbong’s tutorials! Check out one of them below to see his amazing techniques!