K-Pop Idol Trainer Analyzes Why BTS J-Hope’s Part In “ON” Is The Most Difficult

We love our dance leader, J-Hope!

A K-Pop idol trainer who is known for his detailed analysis of idol member dances, focused on BTS J-Hope’s 15 second solo part in their new track “ON.” Even though it was a relatively short part, he couldn’t help but watch it over and over again due to the details that were packed into it.

J-Hope’s part comes right after the chorus and is the start of a change in the beat, meaning that the sound is sliced up more and fall on the off-beat instead. Simply put, it is a very difficult time to start dancing. It seems like this part of the song was meant for J-Hope because there is no better candidate to do this part.

This next part depicts exactly why J-Hope is a very detailed perfectionist when it comes to dancing. He seems like the person that does not accept even a second of error in his dance.

This specific part has a three part sound that connects it to the next dance move and beat. It is even in this tiny detail that J-Hope breaks down the three part beat into three dance moves. The trainer reveals that usually for moves that connect to the next move don’t need to be that detailed, but J-Hope pays attention to even the smallest of details.

He reveals that both Suga and V, who are also doing the same moves, don’t accentuate their moves as much during this part as it is not usually necessary.

This next scene may look like he is just walking, but it’s actually a very difficult move to do. Being able to make walking look like a dance move is super hard. It’s even harder to do if the choreography before this part was at a faster tempo. Being able to slow down suddenly to match the slower beat while still looking fresh can only be done if you have amazing body control.

The last part of J-Hope’s dance is also amazing in that Suga, J-Hope, and V move together perfectly to the beat of the bubble sound in the background, creating a perfect wave.

The trainer ends by saying how he is still surprised at the fact that there is so much to analyze and learn from this short 15 second part from J-Hope and respects his attention to detail.

Of course ARMYs already know why J-Hope is BTS’s forever dance leader!