Korean Idol Trainer Reveals This BTS Video Gives The Most Motivation To Chinese Idol Trainees

Dedication and effort cannot be bought.

A K-Pop idol trainer who trained idols in China revealed that the system for idol trainees was vastly different and that BTS was the only thing that could help him keep his students motivated.

He explains that the biggest difference between Korean trainees and Chinese trainees were that most of the trainees in China were children of wealthy families who have invested in the company themselves. He finds it hard to use his normal training method with these students because he is supposed to be teaching the children of the parents who technically run the company.

Unlike Korea where he can punish students who are slacking, he cannot to the students in China. The biggest difference he sees in these two countries is that while Korean trainees have a sense of urgency and desperateness, Chinese trainees are too focused on the outward fame and don’t wish to work for it. Most of the trainees that he teaches in China are doing this because of the experience or their five minutes of fame. They always have their family’s company to fall back to. Meanwhile, Korean trainees are working day and night knowing that this could be their only chance to debut.

This trainer believes that basic training and exercise are the foundation of idol training and dance. The physical core body strength needs to be there in order to execute a better performance. He gives examples of BIG BANG’s G-Dragon and T-ARA’s Jiyeon to be idols who use their physical strength and body lines to create an amazing dance performance.

In the case of choreographer Lia Kim, she only accepts people onto her team if they can do 1,000 push-ups every day.

Dance team Royal Family, who is also popular for dancing with CL in her music video, are known to go through rigorous physical exercise as a mandatory part of their daily routine. Many of them are able to dead lift around 100 kg!

So, when he trains Chinese trainees, he knows that they don’t want to put in the effort to become an idol, so he resorts to showing them videos of BTS to gain their attention.

He knows and is very proud of the fact that BTS are the kings of hard work and dedication. By showing these trainees how far BTS has come and the basic training they have done, it helps him to continue his classes without any interruption.

He also reveals that the video that helps motivate his students the most is BTS’s performance of “Fake Love” from the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

After showing this video, he always asks them, “BTS is an idol and you want to be one too. Do you see anything different between them and you?”

Most of the time, the students will start doing exercise and training after that.

He wraps up by expressing the fact that although there are many things that money can buy, it is the things that money cannot buy (practice, dedication) that is the most important.

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