Former BLANC7’s Shinwoo Names The 3 Idols Who Are Much Better Looking In Real Life

Shinwoo recalled the time he got to make eye contact with V…

While some people find they look better on camera, others are somehow too gorgeous to have their full beauty captured on screen. In a new “K-Pop Boy Group Q&A” video on Crayon Pop Way‘s YouTube channel, WayLand, soloist and former BLANC7 leader Shinwoo revealed three idols who are “much prettier in real life.”

When Way asked Shinwoo to name male idols as well as female idols, one boy group star immediately came to Shinwoo’s mind: BTS‘s V. Shocked, Way exclaimed that V is “already so good looking,” and fans can certainly agree, so one can only imagine how incredible he must look up close and personal.


V is so good-looking that Shinwoo gushed over a time he made eye contact with him. The soloist revealed that BLANC7 used to go to the same hair and makeup studio as BTS. Once, when Shinwoo was getting his hair done for a musical, he found himself face to face with V. ” He came back to near where I was and saw me and then left,” said Shinwoo, wondering if V mistook him for someone he knew, “But at that moment, I had an eye contact with him.”


At that spur of the moment, many thoughts crossed my mind. Did he mistake me for someone he knew? Or was it because I’m an idol but I didn’t say hi to him?

— Shinwoo

As for female idols, two stars came to mind for Shinwoo. The first idol who looks prettier in real life is Sojin, the former leader of Girl’s Day. Her soft and delicate features always look stunning on-screen, but Shinwoo says she’s even better-looking off-camera.

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Last but not least, Shinwoo named TWICE‘s main vocalist Jihyo as an idol whose full beauty shines in real life. Netizens once named Jeongyeon, Sana, Dahyun, and Tzuyu as the TWICE members who look even better in person, but it seems Jihyo deserves a place on that list too.

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Source: 웨이랜드WayLand and TheQoo