This Idols Is Being Called An Angel For What He Did On “The Unit”

MADTOWN’s Daewon is truly conveying the true meaning of the show on KBS’s The Unit, by showing his leadership and sharing enthusiasm with his unit members and carrying them to a success.

Although five members of the band MAS had no prior dance training and no one wanted to team up with them, Daewon stepped in, offering to team up with them to help the members with the choreography.

Daewon was both patient and supportive as he taught the White Unit the choreography for “My Turn”, demonstrating his leadership ability in such gentle manner.

His teammates applauded him for his positive reinforcement and considerate approach, saying that his presence enhances the team spirit.

“Daewon is really just like an angel.”

— Dongmyeong

initially, the choreographers and the other contestants did not think highly of Daewon’s team, but they proved them wrong with their near perfect performance during the review rehearsal.

Daewon later revealed that due to the uncertainty of MADTOWN, he thought of this mission could be his last chance to prove himself, thus prompting him to show a remarkable determination.

Also at the team evaluations, they surprised all the judges with their solid performance, receiving positive reviews from Rain.

Fans are praising for his altruism, mentioning that people like him should be picked up as the final member of the show.

” I really support him. His personality and leadership shines through”

” Even though he’s not my original pick as a favorite, I a, definitely voting for Daewon. He is someone who will definitely achieve success, even if it’s not through this, he will make it big someday. “

“He is one of the reasons that I am watching this show. I ended up supporting the White Unit somehow”

Source: Naver

They also remember that it was his politeness and humility that gave him the vote in the first round as well.

Watch the full clip of the Unit White’s “My Turn” audition performance below:

Source: Naver