If Idols Cry During Recording, It’s The “Worst Thing” That Could Happen—K-Pop Vocal Trainer Explains

They try to keep it from happening for a reason.

While some K-Pop idols feel the music so deeply that they go shirtless for recording sessions, a vocal trainer revealed that others shed tears when things don’t go smoothly. Sol Lee works for many entertainment companies, including YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, and explained why crying was the worst thing an idol could do while laying down a song.

Picture is for illustrative purposes only (NMIXX’s BAE). | Inkigayo

When speaking with her good friend Gina Maeng, who was one of the trainees she taught, Sol Lee confirmed that she’s seen idols cry when they’re recording.

While it might be a natural reaction to being frustrated, Sol Lee admitted it was “the worst thing that you could do.” She then explained why.

Once an idol looses their confidence to the point of crying, it was the end for everyone. It was an especially tough pill to swallow if the deadline for finishing the song has passed.

When you cry, that’s it. That’s the end of the recording. But when the song needs to be done like yesterday…

— Sol Lee

Despite Sol Lee’s urge to panic, she takes the reigns to stop the idol from crying at all costs.

But when the singer cries, I so want to panic but can’t. When I sense that the singer is about to cry, I have to stop that from happening no matter what.

— Sol Lee

Like many situations, keeping calm and pushing through is the best way to go about it.

Source: YouTube