Here’s What Idols Go Through When They Get Nose Job Surgery

What is it really like to get a nose job?

South Korea is known for having extremely skilled plastic surgeons and, of all the common procedures, nose jobs are one of the most common surgeries. While the surgery is fairly common for both residents and tourists, most people don’t know what happens during rhinoplasty surgery.

It’s estimated that 80% of cosmetic surgeries performed are one of these two types!


Rhinoplasty starts with a meeting with a specialist who will go over what you want to change with your nose. At this time, the doctor will also make sure that the patient is healthy enough to do the procedure by looking over their past medical notes.

When a patient decides that they are ready to undergo the procedure, they will be sedated and a local anesthetic will be given.


There are two different ways for the surgeon to perform the operation. The first has the doctor making incisions inside the nostril. The other involves making an incision across the base of the nose between the two nostrils.


Through these cuts, the soft tissues are gently raised allowing access to the nose structure. The surgeon will then be able to reshape the bone and cartilage to produce the desired effects.

In some cases, cartilage from other parts of the nose or ear are used to add definition to the nose, while in other cases cartilage is taken from the nose. This adding or subtracting of cartilage is all dependent on the individual and what they hope to gain from the surgery.


Once the nose has been shaped to the desired shape, nasal skin and tissue are repositioned and all cuts are stitched. Splints and internal tubes in a special cast will be applied to the nose so that it heals correctly. At this time, the patient will likely experience swelling and bruising which could last up to two weeks.

In most cases, the dressings will remain on the nose for a week, but patients need to pay special attention to their nose following the procedure. After the surgery, patients are more likely to get nose bleeds. To work around this, patients have to avoid any kind of strenuous activity that may put pressure on their nose like aerobic exercises or even smiling. Patients must also make sure that they don’t wear anything on their nose for at least four weeks!


There have been a number of idols who have openly talked about going through with the surgery. Park Min Young‘s nose was crooked throughout her childhood, so she decided to go under the knife to change her nose.


Kim Hyun Joong also decided to change his nose after a rock hit his nose when he was younger. The rock flattened part of his nose bridge so he had surgery to raise it.

DIA‘s Chaeyeon, Jessi, and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee have also gone through rhinoplasty.


There have also been idols who have had problems with their noses and, through rhinoplasty, have been able to breathe easier. When Super Junior‘s Heechul was a guest on SBS‘s radio program Park So Hyun’s Love Game he admitted that he had once broke his nose and needed surgery to properly fix it.

It’s impossible to tell that Heechul ever had a nose job!

“My nose got broken before so it was crooked. While I was working as a public service officer, I got surgery to correct it. The bridge of my nose also became a little flatter due to the break. The doctor told be that if I wanted it to have its original height I’d have to get fillers or silicone injected, but I was scared so I didn’t do that!”

— Heechul


Former 2NE1‘s Minzy also had a nose job to cure a problem. She used to suffer from rhinitis and, after getting approval from YG Entertainment, she went ahead with the surgery to stop her suffering!

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