Idols Just Can’t Resist Taking “Illegal” Pictures in Front of the Effeil Tower

These pictures are so stunning it might be worth the risk.

On April 7, ATEEZ members Yunho and Jongho uploaded pictures in front of the Effeil Tower at night, which may or may not be illegal.

France has copyrighted the famous light show that takes place at the Eiffel Tower at night, prohibiting photography of it. That being the case, ATINY on twitter held the #YunhoGoingToJailParty.

As it turns out, the ban on photographing the Eiffel Tower light show only applies to professional use, so Yunho and Jongho are well within their rights as tourists to take and upload their personal photos. ATEEZ also aren’t the only idols to photograph the famed light show. Here are 5 more idols who “barely escaped international prison”.


Jennie took these almost illegal pictures after a “romantic dinner” in Paris during Fashion Week. BLACKPINK wouldn’t be BLACKPINK without Jennie, so we’re glad she didn’t end up in jail.

2. EXO Kai

Kai also was in Paris for Fashion Week when he took these photos. He uploaded these pictures on the same day as Jennie, so fans think they attended the Eiffel together. At least if they landed in jail, they would’ve been together.

3. EXO Sehun

Sehun needed a partner in crime when snapping these pics in 2017, so he recreuited EXO’s fearless leader Suho.

4. DAY6 Young K

If Young K ever got busted, he’d be save because he could just use an alias: Brian. Plus, it wasn’t technically “night time” so he should be fine.

5. BTS J Hope

ARMY threw J Hope his very own “Going To Jail” party after he graced the Eiffel Tower with his presence.