8 Amazing Idols Who Paid off Their Parents’ Debt Once They Succeeded in the Entertainment Industry

Another reason to love them even more.

With Korean Parents Day having just passed, idols who’ve expressed their gratitude to their parents by paying off all their debt have resurfaced online.

Here are 8 idols who succeeded in the entertainment industry and then paid off their parents’ debt as a token of their gratitude for all that they’ve done to raise them:

1. Chungha

Chungha recently appeared on Olive’s Everyone’s Kitchen and revealed that she paid off all of her family’s debt.

Chungha shared, “I paid off all our family’s debt and even purchased an expensive designer bag for my mother.” When she was asked, “But doesn’t she find it difficult to spend money that her daughter earned?” she replied, “That’s why I bought it for her myself” and flashed a big smile.

2. IU

Back in 2011, IU appeared on a TV variety show and revealed that she paid off all of her parents’ debt after the success of “Good Day”.

On another show, IU shared that her parents got scammed which led to the devastation of her household. She added, “There was a time when our family lived apart, and that’s when I became more certain of my dreams.

3. MC Gree

Girl‘s son, MC Gree debuted at a young age and is also in the process of repaying his mother’s debt.

In a past interview, he confessed, “My mother and father’s divorce was also due to their conflicting personalities, but it was also for financial reasons as well. My mother got into 1.7 billion won of debt.

After the divorce, Kim Goo Ra paid off some of that debt, but since there’s still some left, MC Gree expressed his wishes to pay it all off one day.

4. Zico

Back in 2016, Zico revealed that he spent a large proportion of his big earnings on paying off his family’s debt. Zico expressed that despite being financially tight, his parents helped him pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper, so he repaid them by paying off their large debt.

5. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Hyeri, who debuted with Girl’s Day back 2010 and is currently active as an actress, revealed that her family used to struggle so much that she had to live apart from her parents.

In 2014, Hyeri used her savings to buy her parents a nice apartment in Jamsil along with a nice car.

6. Infinite’s Sungyeol

Infinite‘s Sungyeol also revealed that he had always wanted to pay off his parents’ debt. After making enough money, he paid off all of their debt and even gave them the rest of the money he had saved to spend however they wanted.

7. Lee Joon

Back in 2013, Lee Joon revealed that his family had substantial debt, but that he paid it off as soon as he could and even bought his parents a house.

8. Jo Kwon

2AM‘s Jo Kwon once revealed that due to a failed business, his family had to live in a cramped room. So once he debuted, he asked his manager to book every variety show and event possible so that he could help his family.

It’s also been reported that he spent his first advertisement earnings on his mother and that he even purchased a home for his mother under her name.