8 Idols Who Pull off Designer Brands Way Too Well for Their Own Good

They pull it off like it’s the most comfortable outfit they own.

Celebrities who wear luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Burberry, and pull it off incredibly well are often called “Human Luxury”.

These stars manage to wear high-end pieces and look so good in them that it almost looks like they’re just wearing casual pieces that they feel the most comfortable in. Here are 7 stars who truly shine in designer clothing:

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie – Chanel

Jennie pulls of luxurious Chanel pieces so well that she’s often called “Human Chanel”. She often receives a lot of attention for how elegant she looks in Chanel thanks to her fresh and chic look.

2. BTS’s V – Gucci

V often wears Gucci in both formal and casual settings, so he’s commonly known as “Human Gucci”. Not everyone can pull off the vibrant patterns of Gucci as well as V can.

3. BTS’s Jin – Thom Browne 

When Jin wore a Thome Browne suit, he received overwhelming praise for how flattering he looked in it. His clean and innocent image went very well with the dandy look that Thom Browne is known to offer.

4. Suzy – Fendi

Suzy would probably look good in just about anything, but the way she pulled off Fendi pieces made people believe that if the brand was reborn as a person, it could very well be her.

Since Suzy already has a pure and elegant look, Fendi pieces only compliment it even further.

5. Kang Daniel – Balenciaga

It might be Kang Daniel‘s cute yet sexy look that allows him to pull off Balenciaga pieces so well. The casual and full-of-swag look that he flaunts when he wears Balenciaga is the reason why he’s known as “Human Balenciaga” among fans.

6. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – Gucci

Hwasa has recently become another “Human Gucci” after she wore a Gucci shirt and looked sexier than ever. Hwasa has flaunted other Gucci pieces as well and received a lot of attention for her various Gucci looks.

7. EXO’s Kai – Gucci

Kai shows off such strong chemistry with Gucci that he even attended the 2019 S/S Gucci Show as a Korean representative. In the past, Kai has pulled off all sorts of Gucci looks with his sexy and charismatic visuals.

8. BewhY – Burberry

BewhY is commonly known as “Human Gucci” due to his love for Gucci pieces in both formal and casual settings.

However, when he appeared in Burberry, he received an overwhelmingly positive response. In contrast to his normally flashy looks, Burberry gave him a more chic and classy appearance.

Source: Insight