These 2 Idols Look Very Different When They’re Off Stage

The rookie idols NCT‘s Taeyong and PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung may just look better in everyday life than they do on stage.

These two rookie idols visuals are so impressive that they look better in their everyday life than they do on stage. Yet, when they’re not in glamorous settings- they actually look better. Their natural good looks are simply impressive.

Check out photos of the two below:

Kyulkyung on stage

Kyulkyung shows a fierce and sexy appearance when she’s on stage, often emphasized by her powerful dance moves and stylish outfits.

She’s always a great and energetic performer.

She also has a great body.

Kyulkyung in real life.

Off-stage, however, Kyulkyung is completely different. In real life she has a style that’s more adorable than fierce and cute rather than sexy. But whichever style she’s showing, it’s clear she’s one of Korea’s top visuals.

She can rock any outfit- even a simple outfit.

She is truly so beautiful! Her on stage persona is very fierce, however, off stage is appears sweet.

Taeyong on stage.

When performing with NCT, Taeyong is known for his strong, almost intimidating style. Putting on dark, sharp makeup really perfects this distinct look.

His appearance on stage is so fierce and even intimidating.

He knows how to work the stage.

Taeyong in real life.

But in everyday life, Taeyong has a totally different style, looking more like the lead of a drama than a fierce performer. His soft appearance gives him a more charming look. This natural, gentle image couldn’t be further from his style on stage!

Brown hair looks great on him!

He’s so handsome.