How idols reacted when told they weren’t allowed to date each other

In the recent episode of The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project, 126 contestants were housed together in order to train and compete with each other.

One of the house rules to keep was the “No Dating Rule” among the trainees.

In fact, the female contestants are housed on the second floor and the males on third.

They even have different eating time slots depending on gender.

Some expressed that the rule was unnecessary since everyone is too busy competing and training.

Rayoon from MVP said,

“Dating even in the real world is hard and it will be harder to date here (so they don’t have to worry).”

Joon from ACE added sarcastically,

“Can you even date here?”

Everyone is keeping the rules and treating opposite genders as invisible humans in order to focus on training.

Now that the recruitment stage is over, the 126 contestants are officially putting all their efforts to re-launching their career.

Source: Dispatch