5 Roadtrip Songs Recommended By 5 Idols

Since many Idols will be traveling back home for the Luna New Year holidays, they shared some of their favorite songs to listen on the long drive home.

The Lunar New Year is this upcoming weekend (January 28 & 29) and many will be making their way back to their hometowns to spend time with their families. While some are lucky to have families that live in Seoul, others have to travel all the way to Busan, Daegu or Gwangju to spend time with their loved ones.

EXO‘s Xiumin, BTS‘s Suga, IU, Block B‘s Zico, and former I.O.I member Nayoung all gave their recommendation of songs to listen to when faced with a long car or train ride home.

EXO’s Xiumin

“My mood goes up whenever I listen to ‘Happiness’. The good thing about it is it’s a song that you can comfortably listen to with your family or when you’re stuck in traffic.”- Xiumin

Xiumin’s choice was Red Velvet‘s debut song from 2014, “Happiness”. The strong synth sounds combined with an African-esque tribal beat blend very well together. The lyrics also contain a positive energy that helps one gain strength through the small moments of happiness that occur throughout everyday life.

BTS’s Suga

“2017 is the year of the chicken, and I was born on that year too. I recommend this song in the sense that I hope everyone will be able to fly high.”- Suga

Suga chose one of his own group’s songs. “Interlude:Wing” is the last track on BTS’s 2nd full album and its genre of hip-hop, combined with house music was a genre that BTS fans had never heard before.



“Right from the start, the title fits well with this theme. I also recommend ‘I still remember’ with this song. This is the album I listened to the most the second half of last year. I hope everyone eats a lot of delicious food, drives safely, and has fun.”- IU

IU’s choice was “One’s way back”  by Jung Mi Jo. The last line of “the first time back is a long path again” is really a gem. The classical guitar musician, who made her return after a long hiatus, is really impressive.


Block B’s Zico

“It’s a good song, there is no reason why.”- Zico

Zico recommended “Tropicana” by Topaz Jones, who is known for his long hair. It’s a song whose attractive grooves capture the listener. Zico only needed a few words to express his enjoyment of the song.

I.O.I’s Nayoung

“I recommend songs that are exciting like EDM tracks, since I usually can’t sleep when I am heading back home. I listen to this song often and it clears away all of my stress and gives me a sudden burst of excitement.”-Nayoung

Nayoung, who gained enormous popularity with I.O.I and will soon re-debut with Pledis Entertainment’s new girl group PRISTIN, chose The Chainsmoker‘s song “Closer”.

Source: SPOTV