Idols who have short temper caught on cam

Idols are visually appealing to many, however, their are some who just couldn’t hide their temper behind their angel like face.

Being in an Idol group who has an undeniable fame, it is natural for them to take care of their image where ever they go. All eyes are on them, and in order for people to not misjudge them, they need to be extra careful with whatever they do.

However, there are also cases where idols couldn’t control themselves when getting mad.

So here are 3 savage male idols who weren’t afraid to express themselves when they are angry even if the video camera is rolling.

GOT7 Jinyoung

Self-proclaimed mother of the group Jinyoung was known to be very composed and gentleman, however, there are times when his hidden dark aura shows.

His fellow member jokingly pat his chest, and Jinyoung really tried to control his expression.

EXO Kyungsoo

With his eyes and browse that doesn’t flick, it is no surprised that DO of Exo has a shorter temper than the other members. He was often caught on camera hitting other member.

During an award ceremony he hit Baekhyun when he got annoyed.

During their EXO Planet concert in Bangkok back in 2014. Chanyeol kept teasing Kyungsoo, until Kyungsoo couldn’t fight the urge to finally hit Chanyeol.

BTS Suga

Suga has a blunt and honest personality, with this he isn’t afraid to show his anger even if there’s a camera in front of him.

During their guest appearance in Star Show 360, Suga was asked to judge Jimin‘s aegyo which made him angry in disapproval.

When the other member teased him, he just bluntly shows how pissed he is.

These idols maybe hot in media’s lenses, but releasing their temper even in front of the camera is a natural emotion that every human has the right to feel. Do you have a similar idol in mind?