These 5 Idols Are Seriously Scaring Fans with Their Dramatic Weight Loss

It’s easy to take it a little too far in the entertainment industry.

It’s no surprise that most celebrities feel the pressure to go on extreme diets and exercise regimens in order to be competitive in the entertainment industry. But there are times when celebrities worry their fans by going a little too far.

Here are 5 idols who are seriously worrying their fans with their dramatic weight loss:

1. AOA’s Jimin

In recent days, Jimin‘s Instagram post of herself caused quite a stir in the online community. In the photos, the fat in her cheeks is completely gone and her legs look much too thin.

Following the shocking reveal, FNC Entertainment spoke up and said, “There’s no problem with her health. She’s fine.

2. ZE:A’s Kwanghee

Kwanghee was always known to be naturally thin, but he returned from the military looking much thinner than usual. He revealed that he’s currently 53 kilograms, so fans are calling him a paper doll as a result.

Despite his fans’ worries, Kwanghee confidently revealed that he’s managing his weight for aesthetic purposes.

3. Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy has always flaunted her flawless body, but she once appeared on Show! Music Core with her ribs completely exposed which worried her fans deeply.

Fans expressed their concern about the singer and dancer and wondered if there was something wrong with her health.

4. Hyunah

Hyunah is also well-known for her thin body, and she even surprised fans last year by revealing that she only weighed 43 kilograms. That’s very light considering she’s 164 centimeters tall.

Netizens often express their worry and wish that she would put on some more weight.

5. Sunmi

Sunmi has flaunted a very thin waist ever since she debuted. She has also revealed that it’s hard for her to gain weight on various TV programs. Sunmi also added that her fans always telling her to gain weight has given her a lot of stress.