Did You Know These Three Idols From Two Of The Nation’s Top Groups Went To High School Together

It’s pretty cool to think they might have known each other for so long!

It’s pretty common knowledge that some idols, like BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and GOT7‘s Bambam, have had a long-running friendship before they even debuted. But did you know some idols even went to the same school when they were younger?

Picture unrelated. | Source: Rubén Rodriguez/Unsplash

Yup, it’s totally true! In fact, in a cool coincidence, two members from one of the nation’s top girl groups and a member from a worldwide famous boy group happened to go to school together! Can you guess who they are?

Picture unrelated. | Source: fotografierende/Pexels

If you guessed TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jeongyeon, and BTS‘s RM, you’d be correct!

Jueongyeon in her high school picture | Source: Hayne Kang, Quora
RM and Nayeon in their high school pictures | Source: Hayne Kang, Quora

The three all attended Apgujeong High School together in Gangnam, although they were in different grades as RM was born in 1994, Nayeon was born in 1995, and Jeongyeon was born in 1996!

While these three are certainly not the only K-Pop idols to have gone to school together, it’s really cool to see the long-standing connections between the two groups!

Source: Quora