Idols Who Will Be Taking College Entrance Exams In 2 Days

Every year in November, high school seniors take the Standardized College Scholastic Ability Test that determines which university they could apply for. This year, due to an earthquake in Pohang, the exams have been deferred for one week, which created a chaos in Korea!

Here is the list of K-Pop idols and celebrities who will be taking this exam this year!

1. Oh My Girl’s Arin

2.Rainz’ SungHyuk

Source: @rainzarchive

3. Rainz’ Hyunmin

Source: @rainzarchive

4. CLC’s Eunbin

Source: @kwonbeans

5. Ahn Hyungseob

6. Lee Euiwoong

7. MOMOLAND’s Jooe

8. MOMOLAND’s Nancy

9. MOMOLAND’s Daisy

Source: @mmldlJooe

10. Cosmic Girls’ Yeoreum

11. Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung

Source: @WJSN_ina

12. DIA’s Eunchae

Source: @DIA_intl

13. Weki Meki’s Doyeon

14. ONF’s Rawoon

15. Golden Child’s Joochan

16. Golden Child’s Jaehyun

17. Golden Child’s Jibum

18. Golden Child’s Donghyun

19. VICTON’s Subin

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Source: Herald Pop, Yonhap