GFRIEND reveal the things they would do with the power of time travel

GFriend has experienced enormous amounts of success, so what would make Yerin and SinB want to return to the past?

GFriend’s Yerin and SinB held a V Live broadcast where SinB revealed that she wants to return to the trainee life. She wants to practice even harder in order to impress the fans! SinB said, “When I think about my debut, I was disappointed in how I practiced. If I work harder, I will be able to show the fans an even better side of me.”

Yerin wishes that she could return to her elementary school days and be stronger. Her reasoning is that she was “a little depressed back then. I want to be a friend who is confident and determined.”

During their broadcast, Yerin also wondered about the results of the students who took the college entrance exams. SinB stated, “I also took the exam. I was very nervous. I even felt like I had to be very careful when just breathing. I think many of the test-takers felt the same way.”

Check out their broadcast below!

Source: Herald Pop