If You Think This 41-Year-Old Woman Looks Young… You Should See The Rest Of Her Family

This Taiwanese woman is being noticed by hundreds of thousands of people online for her beauty. Her name is Lure Hsu, and it appears that she has discovered the fountain of youth! 

Despite looking like she is in her early twenties, Hsu is a 41-year-old mother of two. She is an interior designer and fashion blogger, and she isn’t the only youthful looking one in her family.

Left to Right: Lure (41), Fayfay (40), and Sharon (36)

Her sisters, Fayfay and Sharon, share the same young, fresh look. The three sisters claim that they inherited their beauty and inability to age from their mother.

Sharon, their mother (63), and Lure

Their mother, a retired dancer, looks like she could be in her mid-30s; but, she is actually 63 years old!

Lure Hsu

Lure credits their family’s youthfulness and slim figures to a diet filled with vegetables and plenty of hydration. Hsu also claims that using a moisturizer twice daily will prevent wrinkles.

Source: DailyMail