iKON B.I Sings and Dances To TWICE “Heart Shaker” Like A Fanboy In Love

iKON’s B.I sings and dances to TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”.

iKON‘s leader, B.I, traded charisma for cuteness to perform this adorable TWICE cover.

In this Kiss the Radio clip, B.I sings and dances to “Heart Shaker” as his fellow iKON member, Donghyuk, giggles away off-screen.


First, B.I practices the choreography.


Then, with an embarrassed laugh, he apologizes ahead of time for his silliness and jumps into the dance!


And he absolutely nailed it!!


Check out the full performance below:

After B.I was done dancing, Donghyuk remarked, “You know that dance well.”


B.I‘s talented little sister, Hanbyul, taught him everything he knows!


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