iKON Bobby Once Dissed BTS…But Here’s Proof They’re Friends Again

No bad blood here.

Back in 2014, iKON’s Bobby was under a lot of flack for writing a diss rap targetting idol rappers, like BTS’ RM and VIXX’s Ravi.

“Call me a monster, I didn’t give that name to myself, I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass when it comes to skills and looks.”

— iKon’s Bobby, “Come Here”

At the time, fans believed Bobby’s references to “a monster” and “bulletproof glass,” were aimed at RM and BTS’s literal name Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

It wasn’t long before RM responded to speculations about Bobby’s track.

“I knew about it because famous rappers worked on it. While listening, there were rhymes that made me believe he was referring to me. So I thought that I should do somewhat of a reply.”

— BTS’s RM

But since then, fans have noticed that the two groups seemed to have reconciled. Bobby was seen grooving along to BTS at the Seoul Music Awards.

While Jungkook was seen rapping and bopping along to iKON’s stage at the 2016 Melon Music Awards.

Look’s like there’s no bad blood here anymore!