iKON Bobby Reveals Why YG’s Dating Ban Makes It Literally Impossible To Date

iKON will be forever alone… Until YG lifts their dating ban.

Thanks to YG Entertainment’s strict rules, Bobby and the rest of iKON aren’t allowed to date, or even meet up with their labelmates BLACKPINK.


Bobby guested on MBC’s Radio Star where he talked about how YG Entertainment seems like a family, but a family with a whole lot of rules.

“YG Entertainment seems like a company that’s very free and like a family, but there’s actually a ton of rules.”


After confirming there is a dating ban for iKON, Bobby revealed they have to report even the smallest things to a manager.

“There’s a convenience store in front of our dorm and when we want to go there to get something, we have to report that we’re going there.”


The iKON members weren’t even allowed to meet up with BLACKPINK, out of fear of a relationship starting.

“We can’t meet up with BLACKPINK. We’ll get scolded.”


Bobby revealed that these rules—including one stating that the members are forbidden from getting driver’s licenses—were only recently put into place.

Source: Sports Chosun