iKON’s Chan Chaotically Tried To Bake A Cake And Fans Lost Their Minds In The Process

“Guys, there’s no way of failing this. How can I fail when it’s already a success?”

iKON‘s Chan has never described himself to be a baker but in honor of his YouTube channel reaching its third anniversary, he decided to create an oreo cake. However, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

“And they have this Oreo cake called the ice box.” | 찬우살이/YouTube 

The first sign of encroaching trouble was Chan confessing that he had no tools to measure out the whipping cream so he’d decided he would do it by sight.

“But I’m not sure how much 240g is.” | 찬우살이/YouTube

In trying to open the whipping cream, he missed the diagram to cut along.

“Isn’t this how you’re supposed to cut it? Oh, I guess not?” | 찬우살이/YouTube 

He then began to make an absolute mess while pouring what may have been 240g of cream into his bowl.

“I think that’s enough. Yup, that’s 240.” | 찬우살이/YouTube

He next added two small lumps of sugar in what can only be assumed as an attempt to balance out his overpour of cream.

“I don’t think I should put too much.” | 찬우살이/YouTube 

Because of this miscalculation, Chan spent an extra couple minutes using his fellow iKON member Song‘s mixer while nothing occurred. (Later in the broadcast he revealed that he may have borrowed the mixer without Song’s knowledge).

“I guess it turns into whipped cream if I keep whipping it.” [2 minutes later] “It’s not getting any thicker.” | 찬우살이/YouTube 
Fans came to his rescue and informed him that he needed to add more sugar if he wanted it to work. Fans also helped him to learn better methods of mixing including stirring and folding the cream.

“Oh, add more sugar? I’m supposed to add more sugar, right?” | 찬우살이/YouTube 

After the arduous process of removing oreo cream from 4 (initially 6) packs of oreos, Chan moved on to adding cream cheese to the mix. Again, Chan eyeballed to make sure he had the amount he needed of the cream cheese.

“I put the exact amount. 3/4.” | 찬우살이/YouTube 

His method of measuring stressed fans a bit with one fan saying he needed a measuring cup to which Chan replied “I can do without it, guys.”

“Someone’s saying that I need a measuring cup. I can do it without it, guys.” | 찬우살이/YouTube 

In the end, Chan was able to complete the oreo layers without too much trouble and add the candles to the cake to celebrate.

“I’m going to blow it out now.” | 찬우살이/YouTube

When he came back after leaving it in the fridge for 2 hours, he even shared that it was truly delicious.

“Without lying or anything, It’s so good.” | 찬우살이/YouTube 

Chan persisted and while it may have stressed fans to watch, we can all learn from what his editors nicknamed his “Quote of the day.” Chan said “Guys, there’s no way of failing this. How can I fail when it’s already a success?”

“Guys, there’s no way of failing this. How can I fail when it’s already a success?” | 찬우살이/YouTube

What are your thoughts on this baking attempt? Would you try it? Let us know and to check out the full bake watch the video below: