iKON’s JU-NE Has Everyone Cackling Over How He Rejected A Fan’s Marriage Proposal

From his reactions alone, fans knew what was going down 🤣

To stay connected with fans, iKON‘s JU-NE, also called by his real name Junhoe, held a live broadcast to check in with iKONICs and answer their pressing questions.

They couldn’t wait to shower him with love, even offering themselves up for marriage. While he turned the offer down, the way he did it had fans cracking up so much that no one could even be mad about the rejection.

One fan started off by easing into it, asking him, “JU-NE, will you be mine?” He looked away for a moment to think of the perfect way to respond. While other idols would say something sweet like, “Of course,” JU-NE stayed true to himself.

From his expression alone, fans knew he was preparing to save something hilariously savage. He turned back, keeping it short and sweet. JU-NE simply said, “Sorry.”

When another fan skipped to the top level and asked him to marry them, he was just as funny. After reading the comment, he thought about it aloud, “Marry me?” While it looked like he was genuinely thinking about it for a moment, he couldn’t fool fans.

In the same savagely funny way, JU-NE already had his mind made up. Using the same word as before, he merely apologized he couldn’t make that dream come true for them, “Sorry.”

From his funny facial expressions to his quick rejections, fans couldn’t help but cackle at how he turned them all down. In a humorous way, that’s the best way to be rejected.

If there’s an idol who fans wouldn’t mind being rejected by, it’s definitely JU-NE. Not only will the fan have a laugh about it, so will everyone else.