iKON Reveals What It Was Like Producing Their Own Show

iKON dishes on becoming their own PDs, and what fans can expect from “iKON TV”.

During a recent live broadcast, iKON shared what it was like to produce their own reality show, iKON TV.


Each member became their own unique kind of production director during the shoot. The members described leader B.I as an emotional PD, Jinhwan as a sexy PD, and Chanwoo as a passionate PD.

Since each member had the opportunity to become a main PD, they were able to show off their own styles. It made the show incredibly fun to shoot.


The members explained that iKON TV is 100% real and will show everything as it is. Fans will see sides of the iKON members that they haven’t seen before.

Donghyuk said that iKON TV is at an entirely different level from what fans have previously seen of iKON on survival programs.


According to B.I. there were no scripts and no rules.


Nothing is staged“, he said, then added, teasingly. “except for Yunhyeong, who is acting. He became so hilarious that (the other members) didn’t stand a chance.


Look forward to it, iKONICs!

Source: Korea Daily