iKON Share Their Feelings About Their First Comeback In A Year

They want to give back to their fans!

After the release of their new track, “Why Why Why,” iKON has shared their feelings on the group’s first comeback since last year.

During the interview, Junhoe revealed how happy he was to finally release music and that, during the break, he had this thirst to release music and perform on a stage.

Jinwhan also felt more determined after the long break explaining that he wants 2021 to be “A year where we widely spread our name.”

The last time iKON released music was in February 2020, with their track “Dive” in their third mini-album I Decide. 

As it has been such a long time, the members also explained how they felt sorry for their fans. Yunhyeong shared that he feels sorry and grateful to the fans for their wait.

I’m always immensely sorry and grateful to our fans. They are the ones who wait for us even though we can take a while. We’re going to work really hard so 2021 can be a year full of iKON.

— iKON’s Yunhyeong

It has been tough for many K-Pop artists during the COVID-19 pandemic who have been unable to meet their fans. One regret for Bobby is that he wishes they could share the music directly with their fans, iKONIC.

The group also revealed how they want to treat fans with a cooler and more mature side.

After seeing how excited their fans were about the new single, Chanwoo emphasized that it makes them feel great and work hard to meet their expectations!

Donghyuk also said how he wanted to use this comeback as an opportunity to let the fans know how much they love and have missed them!

Source: Naver