iKON’s Song Proves His Variety Show Mastery In The Most Recent Episode Of “iKON ON AIR”

He came up with a very unique way for breaking an apple…

iKON has recently surprised fans with their own variety show, “iKON ON AIR” which is aired on their YouTube channel. Although only two episodes of the show have been released so far, the members spent the first episode talking about what kinds of challenges they wanted to tackle for their fans.

iKON’s Jay | iKON/YouTube 

Chan mentions that he wants to try returning to some of the old content they used to make.

iKON’s Chan | iKON/YouTube 

Which causes Bobby to joke that he means they’d do another survival program.

iKON’s Bobby | iKON/YouTube 

But, undeterred by the joke, Chan continues to explain that he wants them to show off “the passion [they] had when [they] were younger.”

| iKON/YouTube 

And already, within the second episode, the members definitely all showed off their excitement at spending time together and their humor as they teased each other. And, especially, they showed off their knowledge of variety shows.

The second episode of the show features a real-life version of the popular Among Us game. The members donned colorful hoodies as they raced around trying to complete missions while one of them had to “kill” the others.

| iKON/YouTube 

The missions ranged from eating cookies and whistling…

iKON’s JUNE | iKON/YouTube 

… to placing bottles of hand sanitizer…

| iKON/YouTube 

… to ripping an apple in half.

Chan is the first member to tackle the mission and although he initially asks the staff if he can bang the apple on the table to break it…

| iKON/YouTube 

… He successfully manages to rip it in half with his hands.

| iKON/YouTube 

But when Song was faced with the task of cutting an apple in half, he at first attempted to do it by hand. But, since he couldn’t rip the apple in half with his hands… Song made the excuse that it was only because he hadn’t eaten yet.

iKON’s Song | iKON/YouTube 

But he wasn’t inclined to give up and told the camera that he’d actually found a trick in the instructions. Since the instructions didn’t specify how he had to cut the apple in half…

| iKON/YouTube 

… Song decided to try biting the apple in half instead.

| iKON/YouTube 

And while biting the apple does help him to be able to rip part apart…

| iKON/YouTube 

… He realizes he has to do more in able to rip it in half like the instructions for the mission require.

| iKON/YouTube 

Even though it’s only the second episode of the show, fans definitely have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes since the members are already proving themselves to be incredibly entertaining.

You can watch the full episode here.