iKON’s Bobby Randomly Fanboying Over BIGBANG’s Taeyang Will Make You Say “Same”

Everyone’s idol: Taeyang.

iKON‘s Bobby is a true fanboy!

He suddenly posted a video of his screen on March 30 as he watched BIGBANG‘s “Bad Boy” music video.

With the caption “Big bro i 💙 u man @__youngbae__ yg all thw way bro”, his love for his BIGBANG sunbae and YG Entertainment was evident right away.

You could even hear Bobby giggling throughout the video, especially when he zoomed in on Taeyang’s face multiple times.

Bobby and Taeyang have rarely interacted in the past, but the former is known for being a V.I.P.

Fans were understandably hyped at the Instagram post as they commended Bobby for his taste in music.

They also loved the iKON x BIGBANG interaction.

Here’s to more Bobby and Taeyang content!

Source: Instagram