iKON’s “Love Scenario” Is So Popular Among Elementary Students, It’s Now Banned

It’s quite an earbug!

It’s now been awhile since iKON’s “Love Scenario” became the ultimate song for Korean elementary school students.

iKON’s “Love Scenario” Has Become A Sensation Among Korean Students

Elementary school students from all around the nation were singing to the song in unison everywhere they went.


Yang Hyun Suk had even uploaded a compilation of the students singing the song in various locations from classrooms to the streets and even at taekwondo class!

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And because these children were singing this song so much, it appears that some elementary schools have banned the children from singing it in class!

“Whenever ‘Love Scenario’ came on, the children would begin to sing along as a group so it’s been banned in the classrooms of our elementary school.” ㅡ Parent


Moreover, mothers have been expressing their frustrations of having to hear the song so often on online mom cafes.

“My 7-year-old daughter sings ‘Love Scenario’ all day long and it’s driving me crazy. Why is she doing this?”


It seems that the children have grown to love this song not only because it’s a great song, but because it’s easier to sing along to than other idols’ songs. Compared to some of the other popular idol songs, “Love Scenario” has a slower tempo and the lyrics are less complicated with less English parts as well.

“Other idol songs are too fast and the English lyrics are hard to sing along to but this song is easy to follow from beginning to end.” ㅡ 10-year-old elementary school student


Although there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem with these students singing a great song, some have seen it as a cause for worry. This is because they are afraid the children are being pre-exposed to lyrics that “do not suit the children’s age”.

Parts of the lyrics such as “the tingling sensation of my ribs” or “I loved you with all my heart” have been deemed as inappropriate for children to be singing.


As a result, the issue even hit the news, which announced that the song became so popular that it was banned from some elementary schools.


Meanwhile, many netizens have not seen the phenomenon as a problem and looked on it as a funny happening.

  • “But still the lyrics are beautiful and harmless in general and the song is so good so I’ve been listening to it together with my kids!”
  • “I think it’s easy to sing along to and the lyrics are beautiful too. It’s actually really great and never gets old.”
  • “What’s the problem with ‘tingling sensation of the ribs’?”
  • “I have no idea what’s wrong with a ‘tingling sensation between the ribs’ lol it’s the perfect song for all generations to enjoy together!”
  • “What do they think love is to ban kids from saying it?? The lyrics simply talk about falling in love and the emotions after breaking up…They don’t care to think of how messed up their minds are and take the innocence of the kids singing the song in a completely different way.”


Moreover, fans were simply proud that iKON’s song has become so popular among the children that it was even banned!

  • “This just proves that it’s an addicting song that people of all ages can enjoy. I hope they do even better in the future.”
  • “As expected of iKON, a masterpiece enjoyed by women and men of all ages! I think it’s harmless in comparison to pop songs that are based on provocative topics and contain profanity. The lyrics are poetic and beautiful! May iKON continue to flourish!”
  • “How is it possible to make a song that’s as easy to sing along to as children’s songs with such a great melody? Seriously B.I is a genius!”
  • “Omg B.I lol he’s really created a classic!”
  • “B.I. must be so happy lol here’s to success for iKON’s next album too!”