iKON’s Most Embarrassing Fansign Moments Caught On Camera

iKON caught on camera during their most embarrassing moments!

iKON‘s members, who may seem perfect on the outside, may not be so perfect after all! Here are some of their most embarrassing moments at fansigns.


Junhoe awkwardly sips his coffee after missing a high five with a fan.


Later, Junhoe is rejected by a fan again.


B.I doesn’t know what to do with his hands when a fan walks away without accepting his handshake.


Then of course, it happened again!


Donghyuk turns to his manager for consolation after a fan leaves at the exact moment he extended his hand.


Bobby overcomes this awkward moment with a huge smile.


However, despite these embarrassing moments, fans still love them for these cute and funny responses!