A Former “I-LAND” Contestant Disappeared After The Show But Recently Made His Debut

He disappeared so he could return better than ever.

Although the survival show I-LAND was intended to form the boy group ENHYPEN, they weren’t the only ones who debuted.


Some members also became part of the company’s Japanese boy group &TEAM. Now there’s yet another trainee that’s made a debut after the show.

&TEAM | @andTEAMofficial/Twitter

Despite disappearing from the public eye after the show, Sungchul didn’t let the elimination stop him from achieving his dreams.


He was announced as the first member of Fantagio‘s newest boy group LUN8, the younger brother group to ASTRO. They made their debut on June 15 with their first mini-album CONTINUE?.

LUN8 | @LUN8_official/Twitter

Not only did he surprise fans with his new visuals, but Sungchul changed his stage name to Ian.

Ian | @LUN8_members/Twitter

After the survival show and a few more years of training, Ian finally made his debut three years later as a dancer and vocalist.

| @LUN8_members/Twitter

The group is now living their dreams as they promote their first title track “Wild Heart”.