The Reason Im Si Wan Feels More Comfortable Being An Actor Than An Idol

One moment made him realize acting fit him better.

Though Im Si Wan is known for his amazing acting in dramas and movies, the actor originally debuted in Star Empire Entertainment‘s boy group ZE:A.


When looking back on those days, Im Si Wan revealed why he feels more comfortable being an actor than an idol.

Im Si Wan

On You Quiz on the Block, Yoo Jae Suk asked Im Si Wan if there was a difference between being in front of the camera as an idol versus as an actor. Im Si Wan admitted it was “so different.

Im Si Wan pointed out how idols always have to be ready from any angle when the camera’s on and never miss a chance to show their charismatic side on stage.

When the red light is on, that’s the sign. As an idol, I have to look at all the cameras. Without missing a chance, I should glare at them like this…as if I want to eat the camera up. That’s what they want from an idol.

— Im Si Wan

Although Im Si Wan could pull off those looks now, he couldn’t do so before and realized being an idol wasn’t quite the right fit. He admitted, “It felt like it wasn’t for me. I think that’s why I thought I looked awkward on stage.

While looking straight at cameras is an essential part of being an idol, Im Si Wan was relieved at doing the opposite as an actor. It made him realize what he truly wanted to pursue.

On the other hand, as an actor, I don’t have to look straight into the camera. I felt at ease.

I debuted as an actor in ‘Moon Embracing the Sun.’ When I stood in front of the cameras, I felt peace in my mind.

….This is what I thought at that time: ‘I want to do this for a long time.’

— Im Si Wan

Since then, Im Si Wan has taken on many acting roles and continues to be praised for his skill and duality. That doesn’t mean he’s not grateful for his idol journey.

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The actor occasionally takes fans down memory lane by performing ZE:A songs, like his ballad version of “Aftermath” on Knowing Brothers.

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