Im Si Wan Is Surely A Strong Actor, But Never Forget He Is Also A Fantastic Idol

He’s the best of both worlds.

During his recent fan meeting, one of K-Pop’s most successful idol-turned-actor Im Si Wan boasted he still has his charms from his prime ZE:A days.


Fans were thoroughly captivated by Im Si Wan’s visual, talent, and charms!


Im Si Wan put on the best show of his fans’ lives…


…. each minute of the fan meeting filled with his singing, dancing, and talking.


His fans got a good throwback to when Im Si Wan was the cutest, softest member of ZE:A…


… and the realization that he has matured into such a wonderful man who can be an idol and an actor.


Fans can’t wait to continue seeing Im Si Wan dominate both on the screen and on the stage!


Who’s in love with this multi-talented king?


We are.

Watch some of Im Si Wan’s wowza performances from his fan meeting here:

Source: Nate Pann