Image Consultant Explains How BLACKPINK’s “Duality Queen” Jennie Can Look So Cute & So Hot At The Same Time

Her duality is out of this world, but there’s an explanation.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has many titles, from “Trendsetter” to “It Girl”, but one that really blows fans minds is “Queen of Duality”. There are many cute idols out there, and equally plenty of hot stars, but Jennie is somehow able to embody both. Fans can’t understand how she goes from hot to cute and back again in a matter of seconds—but there is an explanation. According to Choi Ji Wan, an image consultant with a decade of experience, here’s how it’s possible.

Jennie’s face shape

The first attribute that makes Jennie a duality queen is her face shape. Jennie is known for her round face and dumpling-like cheeks. Her head is broad in width and her chin is small, plus she had a rounded hairline with notable baby hairs. This all gives her a cute and childlike appearance when the upper half of her face is the focus.

However, Jennie also has an angled jawline. As a result, when the lower half of her face is the focal point, her appearance suddenly becomes sexier and more mature. Look closely at the photoshoots where she’s showing off a charismatic and luxurious image, and you’ll notice that her jawline is often carefully angled.

Jennie’s eye shape

Next is Jennie’s eye shape. Ever noticed how Jennie’s eyes are particularly long? This leaves very little of her sclera (the whites of her eyes) showing. The result is a sexy, almost sleepy look.

But image consultant Choi Ji Wan went on to explain that Jennie has strong eyelid muscles. As a result, she can widen her eyes a lot to give them a more rounded and cute vibe when she wants to.

Jennie’s lip shape

Unsurprisingly, Jennie’s lip shape plays a major role in her duality too. Imagine an invisible vertical line between the corner of your lips to the outer corner of your eye. The shorter the line, the more cute and likeable you look—likely because the line is shortest when you smile and turn up the corners of your mouth. Jennie’s cheekbone muscles make her “likeability line” particularly short, highlighting her plump cheeks and making her look incredibly cute.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Of course, at the same time, Jennie has a unique lip shape. The angle between the top and corners of her lips is drastic, making them appear full and luscious. When she pulls the right expressions, this lip shape gives her a chic and sexy look.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie’s teeth

And last but not least, Jennie’s teeth are part of her cute-hot gap too. Jennie is known for her precious teeth. Their small, square shape and her visible gumline when smiling gives her a cute and youthful smile.

Of course, when she closes her mouth or only parts her lips slightly, her childlike teeth disappear from view, allowing her to come across as mature and charismatic.