This Image Of Yuta in SMTOWN Osaka Just Confused His Fans 

Once you see it, you can’t unsee… 

An image of Yuta at SMTOWN Live in Osaka made fans do a double-take. 


It all started with this tweet… which initially displayed the confusion towards Yuta looking a lot like TWICE’s Jeongyeon. 


With his hairstyle, use of mascara, and metallic choker, many fans felt he embodied the blonde “tomboy” look that stylists aimed for during TWICE’s “TT” promotions.


Fans of the two members already know the resemblance between them. However, due to the rampant, sometimes excessive comparison, they have kept it to a minimum. 


It all boils down to Jeongyeon’s recent admission that she gets upset when her looks gets compared to male counterparts and does not prefer being viewed as masculine. 

And Yuta is also not new to comments about looking feminine either… 


So it’s understandable why fans get protective of their respective favourites, but, it’s also worth noting that both are already beautiful beings. However, for this one instance only, the resemblance is indeed uncanny. 


They could be siblings for all we know…