15 Photos That Prove Suzy Can Be Both Cute AND Sexy

Suzy has always been considered cute, but she’s been gaining quite a lot of attention for her recent sexy transformation.

miss A‘s Suzy has recently gained a lot of attention with her solo debut Yes No Maybe. While Suzy’s cute and sweet image has even earned her the title of “The Nation’s First Love”, she’s recently been sporting a very different image. Instead of her typical girl-next-door image, Suzy has been stunning everyone with a more dark and mature concept.

Her solo debut has given her the freedom to break free from her usual concept and has given rise to the question of which concept suits her better. Regardless of which concept eventually finds more popularity, it’s undeniable that she looks gorgeous no matter what and can fit any concept.

Suzy’s has made a mature transformation.
Suzy’s mature side helps her pull off the sexy concept.
Suzy is not just the bright idol that everyone has known her to be.
The pouty red lips and smoky eyeshadow are enticing.
Suzy’s shiny black pants and choker really give her that sexy vibe.
Suzy fits the dark concept.


“Yes No Maybe” shows a different and darker side to Suzy than has never been seen in the idol.



Suzy’s “girl next door” look reminds, however, that she’s super cute too.

Suzy doesn’t have to wear makeup and embody the sexy concept to be beautiful.
So innocent.
Suzy’s image can be so pretty and pure.
You’d never guess that this Suzy could also pull off the sexy concept!

Suzy cuteness is sometimes this subtle.


Suzy’s darker, more sultry side definitely suits her as well.

Why choose between one or the other when you can be both?