Imagine BTS’s V In Front Of Your House — It Actually Happened To An ARMY

The unfortunate timing…

Have you ever dreamed of finding BTS on your doorstep? For one lucky ARMY, that dream came true!


Back in 2016, BTS traveled to Europe for Season 1 of their travel show, Bon Voyage. While in Sweden, RM lost his passport and V lost…himself.


V was the last member to arrive in Sweden. He ended up boarding the wrong bus…

| Bon Voyage/V LIVE

…and taking an unexpected adventure through the Swedish countryside.

| Bon Voyage/V LIVE

While waiting for the staff to retrieve him, V snapped photos, including this one. Who lives at that charming farm in the background? An ARMY who had no idea that V was outside!


| @bts_twt

In 2019, Jonna (@jonna_bts) recreated V’s photo for ARMY Selca Day, a monthly fan event where ARMYs pair photos of themselves with photos of BTS.


How’s this for a throwback?

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