Immature Wannables Damage Expensive Modern Art Piece By Writing Members’ Names On It

The piece is worth over $657,500!

Police recently started investigating the damage of a sculpture by one of the world’s greatest contemporary artists, Lee Woo Hwan.

The Busan Museum of Art reported the damage at the end of January.


The sculpture was installed in the museum’s outdoor exhibition hall, which is like an outdoor park and is easily accessible to anyone. The piece was found stained with footprints and heavily scratched.

The etchings include Wanna One, Kang Daniel, and Lee Daehwi.


It is one of four sculptures brought in by the museum to commemorate the opening of their Lee Woo Hwan exhibition. At the time it was worth 700 million won (approximately $657,500.00) and it is estimated that the work is worth even more now.

The work is made of natural stone and iron plating.


The director of Busan Museum of Art, Kim Sun Hee, recently stated that the damage was due to a lack of understanding.

“This is a situation caused by lack of awareness of some civilizations about artworks and artists.” — Kim Sun Hee


Other Wannables seem to agree with the director and are not happy with whoever decided to do this.

  • “You’re going to be kicking yourselves over later.”

  • “Do these fans really think acting like this is what true fans do? It’s great that you’re a fan and all but get a basic sense of decency.”

  • “Please catch them! Please catch these them and make them pay the fees for this.”

  • “Barbaric.”

  • “Probably an anti rather than a fan.”

  • “They never realize that stuff like this is an embarrassment for their favorite stars… sigh~”


In the meantime, the museum has restored the piece and has set up a notice for visitors that states, “Safety cameras working, look only with your eyes.”

Source: Instiz and Joongang Ilbo
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