I.N Spills On The Real Reason He Didn’t Invite His Friends To Stray Kids’ Concert

Changbin’s response couldn’t have been more different.

Stray Kids recently uploaded behind-the-scenes footage of the first concert in Seoul on their MANIAC world tour.

Stray Kids on their world tour | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The members were excited for the chance to meet their fans in person and perform songs from their recent mini-album, ODDINARY.

(Top row, from left to right) Stray Kids’ Changbin, Lee Know, Han, Felix, Bang Chan (Bottow row, from left to right) I.N, Seungmin, and Hyunjin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

They kicked off their world tour with a three-day concert in Seoul, and cameras captured the excitement leading up to the first day.

The members spent most of their time backstage relaxing and discussing food between rehearsals. It started when Changbin poured a bowl of cereal by pouring cereal first. Han noticed and mentioned people’s strong opinions about whether to pour the milk or cereal first.

Han explained that pouring the cereal first allows the milk to absorb more of the flavor. He jokingly concluded that it’s a basic scientific fact.



I.N decided to continue the food debate by mentioning he had Subway for lunch, seeming to know Han would speak out about that, to which he did.

Shortly after their debate, Hyunjin proudly showed fans how to make the best Nutella sandwich, continuing the food theme.

Once it was closer to showtime, Changbin and I.N sat together to eat. I.N mentioned his mom was in Busan that night and would be coming to the following show. Changbin jokingly stated that his mom was “greedy” and would be attending all three concerts in Seoul.

On the subject of who would be in attendance, I.N explained why he didn’t invite any of his celebrity friends. His reason? He didn’t want STAYs to take their eyes off of him.

Changbin, amused by the maknae‘s honest answer, shared his own reason, and it couldn’t be more different.

Despite them not inviting their celebrity friends, the concert had an impressively star-studded turnout. To see which celebrities attended, check out the article below!

Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Tour Attracts Star-Studded List Of Attendees

Source: YouTube

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