Infamous Group N.O.M Is Back After Vanishing Into Thin Air

The long lost infamous group is back!

While K-Pop boy group N.O.M (Nature of Man) was by no means ever mainstream, they were infamous in the community for their highly sexual concepts when they debuted all the way back in 2013 with “A GUYS”. A few ARMYs may remember them from when they impressed BTS‘s V by dancing in heels, and teaching him how to do it himself on Star King.

Many K-Pop fans in the LGBTQ+ community probably remember them as they promoted themes that destroyed gender norms by wearing harnesses, heels, and revealing clothing. Although they sing about women and feature women in their music videos, their music struck a chord with the community as they were attempting to make a change in the way men presented themselves in the industry, sexualizing themselves in a feminine way rather than the hyper-masculine way.

After 6 years of silence, fans had thought they disbanded, disappeared without a trace as many unpopular groups do. However, N.O.M surprised everyone with a comeback during none other than Pride month, June 2020. With 2 former members gone (NIO and Q) and one new member added, the group now consists of J.K, KOM, and B-SIDE.

| JZ Factory Entertainment

The group is now making appearances again and has recently released a new music video! They still have the same vibe as before but are now participating in their own choreography and styling this time around. With an additional dance practice video and new fancafe, it seems these lost icons are here to stay!