INFINITE Is Back As A Complete Group⁠— Here Are Some Key Points To Look Out For In The New Album

We’ve been waiting for their return!

K-Pop idol group INFINITE is ready to return with a new album and create a sensation in the K-Pop scene! With just a day left before the release of the seventh mini album, 13egin, here are a few key factors to look out for!


Beginning of a new chapter as a complete group

INFINITE, which has made a strong impression in the K-Pop industry with visuals, singing talent, and choreography, has achieved infinite results through limitless challenges, showing the standard of idols who have grown through music and performance.

As this is their first complete group comeback after serving in the military, this album is the first step in their new agency, INFINITE Company, which leader Sunggyu established. INFINITE, who previously announced through their 13th debut anniversary broadcast, “We will repay the fans who have waited for us with various promotions.” As they have built solid careers in their respective positions over the years, they will return with stronger music and performances.


Expressing their unique color

INFINITE, who debuted in the music industry in 2010, has released various hit songs that created the group they are today. In the new album, 13egin, from the album name to the b-sides and concept, there is no part that has not been touched by all the members. After listening to hundreds of demo songs, they discussed together as they created the album. They wanted to maintain their own color while reflecting on the past 13 years.

The new title track, “New Emotions,” which will evoke new emotions and a new beginning, is expected to captivate listeners with its interesting and addictive sounds.


Perfect choreography through unconventional transformation

We can’t forget about INFINITE’s choreography and performances! INFINITE, who has shown unrivaled energy as a well-rounded group full of passion and energy, hope to showcase another unconventional and fun performance for the new album.

The choreography for the title track captures the sexy and mature charm of seductive men. They hope to express a sophisticated and not over-the-top performance similar to the fragrance of a high-end perfume.


This is also INFINITE’s first comeback as a complete group in five years since their third full-length album, TOP SPEED. K-Pop fans are focused on seeing how INFINITE, who are known as K-Pop legends, have upgraded their music and charm over the years. In addition, they will also hold a solo concert, COMEBACK AGAIN, on August 19-20 at the KSPO DOME.

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