INFINITE Drives Even Fellow Soldiers Wild In Military Performances

Fangirls, step aside. Fanboys are coming at your idols.

Some members of INFINITE may currently be serving in the military, but that doesn’t mean their attraction has taken a hiatus with them. In fact, they seem to be attracting more fans in the form of their fellow soldiers! Check out their performances below to see their popularity!


In June 2019, Sunggyu performed the song “Kontrol” in front of Inspirits and members of the Korean army. He was praised for his powerful singing that did not need any background vocals.

The loud fanchants of his fellow soldiers could be clearly heard in his performance, showing how well-loved he is.


In an Instagram update published on October 10 by a fellow soldier, Dongwoo is seen performing INFINITE’s hit song “Be Mine.” The cheers and applause from the soldiers watching further prove his talent as a performer.


Although Woohyun has yet to enlist in the military, his performance in The Show Peace Concert 2018 proved that he has many military fanboys. Woohyun showed off his beautiful vocals in the song “I Love You” where cheers from soldier fanboys could be clearly heard.