INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) Reveals The Intense Work Out He Did To Achieve His Amazing Physique

He looks incredible!

For those who watched the immensely popular KBS2’s Royal Secret Agent, or are merely a fan of INFINITE‘s Kim Myung Soo, also known as L, then you are well aware of the incredible physique he showed off in one of the episodes. So how did Myung Soo obtain such an impressive build? Myung Soo revealed his strategy in a recently uploaded interview with The Star!

In the drama, Myung Soo’s character, Sung Yi Gyeom, acts as the eyes and ears for the King and often finds himself in predicaments where he needs to fight off some enemies. Of course for the role, Myung Soo needed to fit the character and I think we can all agree he did a great job of bulking up!

| KBS2

In his video interview, Myung Soo was asked, “At the beginning of the drama, you showed a six-pack. How much did you work out? Wasn’t it hard?” According to Myung Soo, the struggle was real!

I worked out so hard while going to action school and taking personal training, I went to the gym for almost 5 months.

— Kim Myung Soo

Myung Soo himself was a bit confused about the exact period length of his training because of how difficult it was.

It was actually more than that since the filming was delayed a bit. It seems like I did it for more than 5 months and the diet was also about 4 months. It was very difficult, but somehow the result remains.

— Myungsoo

Check out the video below: