INFINITE’s L Tried To Smuggle Raw Chicken Through An Airport—Yes, You Read That Correctly

He managed to get it through two different airports before he was found out.

When INFINITE‘s L becomes obsessed with something, it’s all he can focus on. Concerning food, he can eat it non-stop until he finally gets tired of it, like the time he ate one dish for an entire month straight. For chicken, he was willing to go a little further.

On his way through a Mexican airport back in 2016, L was getting his luggage checked and searched by an employee as usual. Everything seemed to be going fine until fans there noticed that something unusual had been found inside his suitcase: chicken.

According to those who’d been there, it hadn’t just been any type of chicken, like a nicely fried drumstick saved for later. It had been raw chicken. Of course, the employee couldn’t allow him to keep it and removed it from his suitcase. L’s reaction to it was completely priceless.

Upon seeing his precious chicken being taken away from him and finding out he wasn’t getting it back, L had the saddest look on his face. It was like someone had crushed one of his dreams.

The most ironic part was that he’d supposedly been able to make it through two other airports before reaching Mexico: Incheon in Korea and LAX in the United States. Of all things, why had L been carrying raw chicken in his suitcase?

Until this day, that’s an answer Inspirits have yet to find out. One thing’s for sure, though. L loves his chicken.