INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals Why Contract Renewal Negotiations Are Hardest For The Leader

Out of everything he’s done as a leader, there was a reason why it was the toughest.

When a group has been together long enough to reach the contract renewal stage, the negotiations always have everyone on edge, waiting to find out if the group will stay together or disband. Having gone through the process for INFINITE, Sunggyu revealed why the process was the toughest thing he’s done as a leader.

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During INFINITE’s ten-year celebration Q&A segment, DRIPPIN‘s maknae Alex submitted the question, “When was your hardest moment as a leader?” Sunggyu noted there were too many to count, “I have so much to tell you.

Dongwoo thought the top moment would’ve been when they debuted. “I think it must’ve been more difficult at the beginning because the members always complained about the agency all through you. And the agency used to work them out through you.

Out of all the years they spent together, Sunggyu picked a moment from seven years in. “The hardest moment… I can honestly say it was when we renewed our contracts.

He was torn between what the group and the company wanted. “I represented both sides of the agency and the team. I remember it was really difficult.

He wasn’t the only one who thought so. Sungyeol and Dongwoo showed their agreement by nodding.

Sunggyu revealed that he’d added more to his plate by stretching himself thin. “Nobody was pressuring me, but I felt pressure on my own. I was trying to be more responsible, [bearing the weight] with really heavy shoulders.

All of his struggles paid off. Even though they’re no longer seven members, the six of them have remained as INFINITE and are celebrating their ten years since debuting.

Watch Sunggyu break down why it’s an even tougher situation for a group’s leader.