INFINITE’s Sunggyu Gives Wise Words Of Advice To His Fellow Members In The Military

Four of them have longs roads ahead of them, and Sunggyu is here to encourage them.

After two years, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu has returned from his mandatory military service. To celebrate the happy event, he held a mini fan meeting right after his discharge to reunite with fans and answer questions they’ve been looking forward to finding out.


Before he could do so, he gave advice to his members Sungyeol, Woohyun, Dongwoo, and Sungjong, who are currently completing their military service.

Since Sunggyu took his role as leader seriously by becoming the first among them to enter the military, he mentioned how he happened to be the first among them to complete his service and return. His experience makes him the perfect person to give advice and words of encouragement to his fellow members.

Knowing how challenging military service can be on top of being away from friends and family, he told them to keep their strength and spirits up. To encourage them even further, Sunggyu gave them his own words of advice on dealing with the long period of service.

Even though many people don’t view the act of fulfilling military service as a significant milestone and of the utmost importance, Sunggyu urged them not to fall victim to that mindset and instead view it differently.

Sunggyu encourages them to keep in mind the serious role they’re fulfilling while not forgetting the importance of managing their health and well-being as well.

But it is a big deal, so I hope they take care of themselves.

Sunggyu wants INFINITE to use the same attention and energy they used to fulfill their schedules together for their military service while apart. Listen to his wise advice for his members starting fifty-five seconds in.