INFINITE Sunggyu’s Behaviour Around Female Idols Is Making People Jealous

Fans are in love with how thoughtful Sunggyu is.

Fans adore INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, especially when he’s an awkward potato around female idols! His chivalrous “manner hands”, in an effort to make sure he isn’t touching carelessly, show Sunggyu is a real gentleman at heart.


1. Protecting others from uncomfortable situations

While on set for Girl Spirit, when singer Hyun Jin Young tried to casually place his hand on the now disbanded SPICA‘s Bohyung, Sunggyu caught what could have made Bohyung uncomfortable and tried to stop Hyun Jin Young.


2. The awkward arm

During the photo shook with Jewelry‘s Park Jung Ah for the musical “All Shook Up”, Sunggyu didn’t know what to do with his hand that he threw over her. Park Jung Ah took the poor lost hand and led the photo shoot by posing as naturally as possible, despite Sunggyu’s very nervous arm.


3. The silent pat on the back

When Cosmic GirlsDawon burst into tears on Girl Spirit, Sunggyu with his heart of gold wanted to comfort the idol. Instead of grabbing her though, Sunggyu gestured to pat her on the back, which seemed enough to have Dawon realize that he is trying to make her feel better, without touching her in any unwanted manner.


4. The careful arm wrestle

This arm wrestling footage between Sunggyu and Red Velvet‘s Wendy on Singderella is quite popular among fans as one of his sweetest moments. At first, Sunggyu tries to let Wendy win by staying still. When Wendy says he needs to try, Sunggyu gently swings her arm over. While Sunggyu could have easily beat Wendy by forcing her hand down, he never lets her hand slam on to the table.


5. The conscious hand

Sunggyu is actually known to be touchy-touchy with his male friends, especially when he laughs. He tends to tap other people on the shoulder when something is really funny. Here, from another episode of Girl Spirit, Sunggyu is spotted reaching out to Lovelyz‘s Kei and quickly realizing he shouldn’t touch her. While his hands hover all around in complete chaos, Kei notices and smiles at Sunggyu.


6. The gentle tap on your shoulder

Here is possibly one of the most intimate pictures he snapped with a female. Radio host Park So Hyun managed to get Sunggyu to place his hand lightly on her shoulder for this adorable picture at the radio station. Fans absolutely adore that even in this picture, Sunggyu’s left hand on the DJ’s shoulder isn’t looking the most natural.

Source: Instiz